• AmeriSun high efficiency solar panels.
  • AmeriSun American made solar panels.
  • AmeriSun monocrystalline solar panels.

We spent more than a year researching American manufacturers for these series grid tie solar systems. "Made in America" was only the beginning of the criteria that we demanded when making our decision.

Exporting a few components from the U.S. to be used to manufacture solar panels in a foreign country just wasn't going to cut it. The manufacturer that we chose not only had to have offices located in America  but also had to make their solar panels right here in the good old U.S.A.

In other words, the manufacturer had to provide good quality jobs for Americans that produced the finest products available on the market. Insisting on this type of control over materials and the manufacturing process is not only the best way to assure quality, it also creates a sense of pride that results in reliable, high performance products that's hard to beat. This is the exact reason why we chose AmeriSun Solar for our U.S. made solar panel systems. These U.S. made solar panels offer far better performance than any brand of solar roof tiles.

Only $1.80 Per Watt
  • Brand: U.S. Made AmeriSun Solar

Other Systems

Sunrona SOLAR LLC.

At DIY Solar Energy it's all about price, performance and reliability. That's why we chose American made AmeriSun high performance solar modules coupled with the advanced inverter and power optimizer technology from SolarEdge. Micro inverters are yesterday's technology. SolarEdge power optimizers especially when coupled with Tesla's new battery systems are the future of solar in DIY.

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