• AmeriSun solar mono crystalline solar array.
  • AmeriSun solar panels on concrete tile rooftop.
  • AmeriSun solar panels on shingle roof.

Ask any alternative energy engineer, installer or dealer and they'll all tell you the same thing. With more than three gigawatts (3 billion watts) worth of Sunny Boy inverters sold and operating worldwide "The Sunny Boy inverter's proven technology makes this unit one of the best grid intertie inverters available on today's market." Like a fine German crafted sports car, Sunny Boy Inverters are engineered and built in Germany, the hotbed of the worlds finest renewable energy technology. We've taken Sunny Boy's unbeatable German craftsmanship and reliability a step further by adding one of the world's highest performance solar panels available.

When it comes to purchasing a solar system for your home or business it is crucial that you take a very close look at the solar panels that the dealer is offering you. After all, solar panels are the workhorse of any solar system.

Far too many consumers simply purchase what ever it is that a dealer happens to have available without even looking at a specification sheet. Performance that is lacking by just a few percentage points or an inferior warranty can make all the difference in the world over the expected life of a solar panel. That's why we chose American made AmeriSun solar panels for our these solar systems. These U.S. made solar panels offer far better performance than any brand of solar roof tiles.

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  • Brand: U.S. Made AmeriSun Solar

Other Systems


Whether it's a full battery backed offgrid solar system for reliable renewable energy day or night or a battery-less backup solar system that supplies emergency power only during daylight hours, DIY Solar Energy has your needs covered with state of the art technology at an affordable price. At DIY Solar Energy, we never skimp on reliability or performance. You have our promise at that which is backed by many years in the solar industry.

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