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 Hi I'm Joe Greenpockets

I want to express my thanks to all you simple minded, I mean wonderful customers who already sent me your $39.00 for my video guide and booklet that explains how to make your own home made solar panels. Never mind that you can get all this information for free from the nearest public library.

After spending 50 years in the solar industry I figured that it was time that I made some money.

Now that I'm rich and living in the Bahamas so you can't come after me, I'm going to fill you in on some more secrets on making your own solar panels and wind generators free of charge.


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Why Spend $10,000.00 for a name brand U.L. approved solar panels with a 25 year warranty that qualify for a rebate in many state and the Federal tax credit when you can eliminate your electric bill with DIY solar panels for less than $200.00 !

Secret # 1. The utilities won't pay you for any extra power that you produce with your DIY solar panels or windmill because it's illegal to connect non U.L. approved solar panels or wind generator to a utility grid. In fact if you're caught and believe me the utility company will catch you, you'll not only be fined but you'll probably spend some time in jail. For those of you who are doing time after following the instructions in my video, sorry about that.

Secret # 2. For those of you who ruined your expensive solar cells after only a few months of outdoor use, due to moisture penetration, I never said in my DIY solar video or guide book that your solar panels would work for very long nor did I say that your DIY solar panels would come with any type of a warranty.


Secret # 3 Since none of you is an expert at soldering techniques, the chances of you developing a cold solder joint in between one or more cells is pretty high. A cold solder joint can easily develop a high temperature arc that can start a fire. Burning your DIY solar panel up and burning your house down. And since your do it yourself solar panel is not U.L. approved, good luck on collecting on your home owners insurance.

Secret # 4. For those of you who were silly enough to connect your DIY solar panels or wind generator to an expensive DC to AC inverter only to damage your inverter and void your inverter's warranty. Well what can I say........

Secret # 5. I know that I mentioned tax credits and rebates on my website but I never said in my video and guide book that your DIY panels or wind generator would qualify for them. You see since your DIY solar panels and wind generator aren't U.L. approved and would violate the NEC code (National Electric Code) if you installed them on an occupied dwelling, you can't get a permit to install them on your home or business. So if you can't get a permit then you can't apply for any tax credits or rebates.

Secret # 6 And this is the biggest secret of all: THERE IS NO SECRET ! The information that anyone needs to make your own DIY solar panels that might last 6 months outdoors if you're lucky is plastered all over the Internet for free.


But if you have an extra $39.00 just burning a hole in your pocket, please do send it in. Living in the Bahamas cost a pretty penny and I'm gonna need the cash while I come up with my next scam a product.


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